Family OKs Razing Of 102-Year-Old Richfield Theater

Special to The Tribune
Salt Lake Tribune, 29 October 1983, page 2B
RICHFIELD - After decades of providing hours of adventure for thousands of moviegoers, the Lyric Theatre had its final performance as it came crashing to the ground this month at the hands of a wrecking crew.

The 102-year-old building was one of Richfield's oldest structures and had not been used for several years.  The Van Andersen family, owners of the building, said they were having the building destroyed because it had become an eyesore and hazard to the downtown area.

The theater became the third historical structure in Richfield to be demolished in the past few weeks.  Two others, located immediately to the south, were razed to make way for an extension of a downtown parking lot.

Before the building was made into a theater it was an adobe structure used as a furniture store.  The main hall was later remodeled into a dance hall and a stage was constructed making the building a combination dance and opera hall.