Trolley Corners sues Larry Miller firm

Partnership says it was prevented from getting movie hits

Deseret News, 25 December 2001, page B14

Article Summary:

In December 2001, Trolley Corners Partnership filed a civil suit filed in 3rd District Court charging that Larry H. Miller Theatres used illegal restraint of trade practices to prevent Trolley Corners from booking the holiday season's big blockbusters, "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings."  Megaplex Theatres requested a "clearance" (an exclusive license to show a film during its first run in a certain geographic area) for the films booked at its Megaplex 12 at the Gateway theater, even though Trolley Corners and the Gateway theater are located across town from each other and draw customers from substantially different geographical areas.  In addition to a money judgment, the suit asks for permanent injunctions forbidding Megaplex Theatres from enforcing its clearance demand.