For-sale sign out at Little London Theater

Dinner shows were popular but not profitable

By Sharon Haddock, Deseret News staff writer
Deseret News, 27 January 2002, page E8

Article Summary:

In July 1999, new owners Suzanne and Bill Kirby refurbished and redecorated the 77-year-old Alhambra Theatre, "putting in a kitchen, tiered seating for tables and chairs, and a stage area."  They renamed the theater "Little London Theater" and presented stage shows with a hot dinner included in the price of the ticket.  The theater presented eight or nine shows a year, each bringing in better numbers than the one before.  The theater was sold out for the run of "A Christmas Carol" in December 2001.

In January 2002, the Little London closed and is being sold.  Despite its success, the theater could not overcome the the costs "paying actors, royalties, and all of the associated costs of providing a choice of hot dinners within the price of the ticket."  Owner Bill Kirby also changed jobs and could not help his wife in the operation as much as he had.  The Kirbys also had some difficulty getting the local publicity they felt they needed.