Trolley Corners Theatres, largest in Utah, closes

Salt Lake Tribune, 4 June 2004

Article Summary:

Westates Theatres closed the Trolley Corners Theatres after Thursday night's shows on 3 June 2004.  The 800-seat main auditorium of Trolley Corners was the largest in the Salt Lake City area.  The theaters will be gutted to make room for a 24 Hour Fitness health club.

The Trolley Corners building is owned by Trolco Properties, the president of which is Michael Place.  Place was one of the partners in the Trolley Theatres chain, which opened Trolley Corners in December 1977.  

Plitt Theatres bought Trolley Corners in 1985.  The theater chain later became Cineplex Odeon and then Loews Cineplex.  Loews declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February 2001, and Westates took over Trolley Corners in August 2001.

After the November 2001 opening of the Megaplex 12 at The Gateway "it just became an impossibility to get first-run movies" at Trolley Corners.