3 Major Openings in State Are North of S.L.

Deseret News, 25 February 1996, page E8

Article Summary:

The Main Theatre was built in 1899 as a community social hall.  In its early days it was used for touring vaudeville companies, local stage productions, dances, skating, and boxing matches.

In 1939 it was remodeled and enlarged for conversion into a movie house.

In 1996 the Main Theatre became the new home of the StageStop Theatre Company.  Before moving to Smithfield, StageStop spent seven years in a century-old barn in Collinston and a briefly used the Ellen Eccles Theatre in downtown Logan.

By 1996 the Main Theatre had had fallen into a state of disrepair, so StageStop installed new carpeting, chandeliers, and a majestic grand drape.  An apartment which was built behind the movie screen has been removed so the original stage could be restored.  There are plans to continue the restoration project on the exterior of the building over the next few months.

Stage-Stop's first production at the Main Theatre is "Noises Off" starting 1 March 1996.