Hypnotic Attraction: Local Hypnotists

Vandermeide and Spencer Bewitch the Crowds on Saturday Nights

By Jeff Vice, Staff Writer
Deseret News, 28 February 1997, page W1

Article Summary:

Murray Theater

  • hypnotist Benjamin Van Der Meide has performed under the name of Vandermeide for more than 30 years
  • he has performed for four years in Utah, the last year at the Murray Theater
  • Tom Henderson is the operator of the Murray Theater.

Avalon Theater

  • Spencer began performing as a hypnotist at the Avalon Theater a year ago
  • his audience has slowly increased, with the theater nearing capacity most Saturday nights
  • the Avalon is known as “Salt Lake's first house of hypnotism”
  • the Avalon has featured hypnotism for more than 30 years
  • Vandermeide performed at the Avalon for three years before moving to the larger Murray Theater
  • the Avalon has also been used for concerts and magicians
  • “It's another way to use the theater, and it's worked pretty good for us so far.” (Art Proctor, owner of the Avalon Theater)

Tower Theater

  • the Friday-night “Hypno-Mania” show at the Tower featured Diane Bradshaw, director of the Utah School of Hypnosis, and other local hypnotists
  • the show was canceled after a few weeks due to lack of interest
  • “Two's company, but three was definitely a crowd. Unfortunately we were the odd man out. Either that, or it could have been the night we had it on. Maybe hypnotism's supposed to be only on Saturdays.” (Greg Tanner, owner/operator of the Tower Theater)