Will Centerville Theater Be Ready On Time? A 'Dozen' Hopes So

Deseret News, 11 November 1990, page E8

Article Summary:

Pages Lane Theatre

  • Ralph Rodgers, Margo Beecher, and Beverly Olsen announced plans for a year-round theater-in-the-round in Davis County
  • opening delayed by building codes and construction delays
  • scheduled to open November 16 with “Cheaper by the Dozen”
  • located in space formerly occupied by a fabric shop, just west of Dick's Market
  • “an intimate arena-style theater with spacious, continental seating around a 24- by 24-foot stage”
  • one batch of used theater seats came from the Avalon Theater
  • 300 newer seats came from the Cineplex-Odeon Theater inside University Mall, now replaced by a free-standing complex
  • Rodgers, Beecher and Olsen also operate a theater school with weekly classes in all facets of stage production
  • the cast of “Cheaper by the Dozen rehearsed “while bundled up under layers of coats because there was no heat, dodging chunks of wallboard, trying to rehearse dialogue with the sounds of saws, compressors and yelling foremen in the background.”