Movie cuts: Cache kids kept out of R-rated films all along

Herald Journal, 12 June 1999

Article Summary:

Westates Theaters operates Cache Valley's Movies 5, Reel Time, and Cinema 3 theaters

Jeff Ewing is part owner of the Cinefour Theaters.

At the urging of President Clinton, the National Association of Theater Owners adopted a new policy earlier this week requiring teen-agers unaccompanied by an adult to produce identification with a photograph before they are admitted into R-rated shows.

But here in Cache Valley, owners and managers say R-rated movies don't do all that well - and two places, Scooters Theatre in Hyrum and Main Theatre in Smithfield, don't show R-rated films.

"The community in Smithfield is family-oriented, so we don't have a problem (with R-ratings)," said Main Theatre owner Marty Spicer. "It's not a real issue."

Leaders of the LDS Church, the predominant religion in the valley, counsels its members to avoid excessively violent and sexually explicit films.