Old-Time Prices at New Theater's Debut

Deseret News, 1 March 1996, page B3

Article Summary:

Reel Theatres Inc. purchased and renovated by the long-abandoned Huish Theatre in Richfield.  For the theater's week-long grand opening, admission and concession prices were the same as those charged when the theater first opened in 1947.  Capacity crowds of 900 people filled the theater's 600 seats on the main floor and the 300 seats in the balcony.  Grand opening films were Pocahontas and Sabrina.

One of the original projectors is on display in the lobby.  An upgraded projector “spins through reels of film so that there is no waiting while film is changed as was sometimes experienced in years past”.  A gigantic movie screen is on the stage, which spans the width of the building.

The Huish Reel Theatre will show films after their initial release at the Reel Theatre at the Richfield Plaza.