Front of the Huish Theatre in Richfield. - , Utah
Grant Smith, 25 June 2005
Reel Theatres
Huish Reel Theatre

131 North Main Street
Richfield, Utah 84701
435 896-4400

C. E. Huish Theatre Enterprises opened the Huish Theatre in 1947.[1][2]  The architect was Fred L. Markham, who also designed the Huish Theatre in Payson.[3]  The 758-seat theater[4] has a stage and balcony with as many as 300 seats.[1]

Reel Theatres Inc., which operated a twin-screen theater in Richfield Plaza, purchased the long-closed Huish Theatre in 1996.[1]  A new Simplex projector and DTS Digital sound system were installed.   The theater's original E-7 projector was moved to the lobby for display.   YESCO renovated the vertical blade sign on the theater's facade. Below the vertical neon letters H-U-I-S-H, a lighted box was added with the word REEL.[2]

For its week-long grand re-opening, the Huish Reel Theatre played Pocahontas and Sabrina to capacity crowds.  Admission and ticket prices were the same as when the theater first opened in 1947.[1]

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