Atmosphere and Quality at New Cinema

Hurricane Valley Journal, 15 September 2004

Article Summary:

A number of years ago, Paul Rogers had checked demographics and written a business plan for building a movie theater in Hurricane.  John Bramall had also been trying to put a group together to build a theater and already had a theater manager lined up.  Mike Beard, a good friend of both, brought the two efforts together.  The Stratton family made available the 8 to 10-acre property for the theater.

The most important thing to the partners in designing the project was to make sure it was a facility people would enjoy.  No expense was spared in assuring an excellent theater with state-of-the-art equipment and comfort.

Each theater will have stadium seating and Dolby Digital sound.  All seats have Tempurpedic foam with a high back and will recline two inches, with retractable armrests.  Seating capacities for the theaters are 261, 185, four at 136, two at 105.  The theater will offer online ticket sales.  The ticket system is integrated with the concession system, so patrons can buy tickets and concessions at the same time.
The theater will have a “soft” opening in November to introduce the public to the theater and to help test the new staff, equipment and facility. All box office proceeds from admissions to the soft opening will be donated to local charities.