Video games hit big screen

Over 60 people join Cinefour's 'Halo' tourney

Herald Journal, 16 August 2004

Article Summary:

The Cinefour Theatres in North Logan are owned by Calvin Timothy and Kelly Walker.   Walker also owns the Walker Cinemas in Brigham City.

On 13 August 2004, the Cinefour Theatre held its first gaming night.   A video projector and a Microsoft Xbox video game system were installed in each of the four auditoriums, allowing 16 teams to battle each other in the game “Halo” until early Saturday morning.  Eight 34-inch televisions were placed in the lobby to accommodate large gaming crowds.  Some contestants drove as far as Bountiful to participate.

"Tonight blew our minds," Timothy said.  "We're definitely going to keep doing this."

Cinefour Theatres was one of the first theaters to play video games on a movie screen.   "According to the gal at the licensing company, we're the first theater ever to license XBox with them for a theater," Timothy said.  "It took an act of Congress and a blessing of God."

For the release of “Halo 2”, the Cinefour Theatres in North Logan could possibly connect with the Walker Cinemas in Perry, allowing contestants at different theaters to battle each other over the Internet.