Trolley theaters are again opening

Deseret News, 22 December 2004

Article Summary:

Regency Theatres, a California-based chain offering independent and foreign films, will reopen the Trolley Square Cinemas on Christmas Day, 25 December 2004.

Regency spokesman Lyndon Golin said, “We provide a sophisticated movie-going experience. We sell espresso and cappuccino, imported chocolates and pastries. We'll try to bring in filmmakers to do Q&As. Our goal is to heighten the whole experience."

Regency started negotiating the purchase of several theaters from Madstone earlier in 2004. After Madstone folded, Regency dealt directly with Trolley Square. The acquisition was completed on 1 December 2004, six months after the theaters had closed.

Tori Baker is the executive director of the Salt Lake Film Society, which manages the Broadway Centre Cinemas and the Tower Theatre. Speaking of the competition, Baker said, “There is a difference between a California company owning a theater in your area that plays independent films and a local film organization that runs an art house that gives back to your own community. The Film Society, with our nonprofit status, is confident that we have a strong, loyal customer base that knows their choice to go to the Broadway Centre or the Tower Theater is directly supporting their own art film community. The Film Society is not merely running a theater that hosts independent art films. Rather, it fosters local appreciation for art films as well as emerging local filmmakers."