The Elite Theatre

Panguitch Progress, 17 October 1913, page 1
The work of remodeling the skating rink and converting into a movie picture theatre is nearly completed. It is a credit to Mr. Tebbs and will be a source of amusement for the people of Panguitch.

The front is arranged with an arch over the entrance, which will be brilliantly lighted, an elegant electric sign "Elite" (the name chosen for the theatre) will hang over the sidewalk.

The entrance will be decorated with ornamental chandeliers and also beautiful oil paintings. The walls of the auditorium will be lighted with six colored bracket lights on each side.

Mr. Purrington has moving pictures theatre interests in other parts of this state and will conduct the Panguitch house in co-operation, thereby giving a better entertainments that could otherwise be afforded.

Illustrated songs also appropriate music to match every moving picture production; illustrated solos and duets by the Dawson sisters.

Messers Purrington & Tebbs say the paraphernalia is sliding this way and that the new house will be ready for business between the 15th and 20th.