Moving Picture Theatre for Panguitch

Panguitch Progress, 19 September 1913, page 1
[Note:  Some portions of the original copy of this article were illegible.  Missing words that could not be guessed are marked by ...]

Mr. A. C. Tebbs and G. G. Purrington intends to form a co-partnership and install the latest modern machinery, electric light plant, ornamental electrical fixtures, radium gold fiber motion picture screen.

The theatre auditorium will seat 400 people, in comfortable ... chairs.

The entertainment will consist of the very best (bright as day, life size) motion pictures, ... appropriate music by the Dawson sisters, formerly of Salt Lake City, illustrated songs, etc.

Mr. A C. Tebbs has gone to considerable expense to remodel his hall, formerly the skating rink located on Main St. and promises to the people a highly refined, moral, high class entertainment. Mr. Tebbs plan for remodeling is to have a center entrance 14 feet side with rooms on each side of it. The front will a very pleasant, attractive appearance with cement sidewalk, with inclined slope ... the front doors and box office which will set back twelve feet in said entrance.

The theatre proper will have a foyer the full width of the building with two isles, leaving a center and two side tiers of chairs.

Isle carpets and rugs will add to the appearance of the enterance and theatre.

Three electric fans will be installed to keep the theater properly ventilated and sanitary.

Electric lights will adorn the front area over the lobby including a 200 candle ... light which will hang out over the side walk three feet.

Mr. Purrington has left for Salt Lake City to get a line up of a choice selection and variety of wild west, dramatic, comedy, educational, scenic, Indian drama, tropical multiple reel feature and every production that tends to make the entertainment high class.

The Dawson Sisters are noted for their good playing appropriate selections according to the picture on the scene.

No production will be exhibited that can possible offend the most refined taste.

Mr. Purrington and the Dawson Sisters will make their home in Panguitch and are desirous of getting acquainted with the good people of the city.