Gem Theatre
'Only authorized motion pictures made by the firm of Pathe Freres at the games in New York and Boston...  Released exclusively through the General Film Company.  Will be shown for the first time in Salt Lake City at the Liberty Theatre.' - , Utah
Ad for the Boston Red Sox vs. the New York Giants game of the 1912 World's Championship Baseball Series at the Liberty Theatre.
Salt Lake Tribune, page 3, 27 October 1912
Newspaper advertisement for the Gem Theatre. - , Utah
Ad for The Isle of Conquest at the Gem Theatre.  The Gem was described as "the theatre beautiful' and "formerly the Liberty."
Salt Lake Tribune, page 17, 21 November 1919
Newspaper advertisement for the Gem Theatre in 1921. - , Utah
A Message from Mars at the Gem Theatre.  Advertisements for the Gem included the tag line, 'The Theater Beautiful", until sometime between 1921 and 1922.
Salt Lake Tribune, page 15, 12 May 1921
Newspaper advertisement: 'Tonight is Country Store Night at the Gem Theatre.' - , Utah
The Toll Gate at the Gem Theatre n 1922.  Admission prices were 22 cents for the lower floor and 10 cents for the balcony.
Salt Lake Tribune, page 19, 6 February 1922
Newspaper advertisement for the Consolidated Woolen Mills in 1922. - , Utah
This ad for the Consolidated Woolen Mills confirms the location of the Liberty/Gem Theatre.  The address of the woolen mill was 151-153 South State Street, "Opposite Gem Theater".
Salt Lake Tribune, page 6, 9 February 1922
News paper advertisement for the Gem Theatre, with the words 'Ends Tonite!' - , Utah
Closing day ad for the Gem Theatre on 2 September 1968.  The last two movies to show at the theater were "2 new adult shockers", College Girls and Always on Saturday.
Salt Lake Tribune, Page 9, 2 September 1968