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Betty-Nay-Heyborne, Mona, Utah, 28 October 2005

Going to the movies as a kid growing up in Gunnison was the most fun I can remember. I remember in 5th grade, Roger Willardson and Dale Peterson (they were in 6th grade) sent a note to Sheri Kae Tuttle and myself, asking us to the movies. They included money to buy our tickets and some jewelry (a beautiful blue heart on a gold chain from Roger to me -- I don't remember what Sheri's was from Dale). Another time it was this cool ring with a tropical sunset in the setting which they'd bought for us on their vacation trip together in California. It was the same thing almost every Friday -- we'd get a note, with money & some trinket, and we'd buy our ticket and go find the darkest seat in the theatre and wait for Dale and Roger to find us. It was so exciting! We never dared kiss - but he did put his arm around the seat and sometimes our hands would touch. I don't know what Sheri & Dale did.... But Elvis in Blue Hawaii was the best! This was great until they sent a note one day saying they were leaving us behind as they were going to 7th Grade, and we were still in the elementary school. I guess they moved on to some older, more sophisticated girls at the high school. We didn't care cause we had a nice stack of jewelry and there were plenty more boys waiting to meet us at the movies. It was always a good time! I hope our kids will always be able to say "meet me at the movies." Love - B

Pat Sehorn, Gunnison, 23 June 2005

I like this site!
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