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Elwynn Taylor, Ames, Iowa, 15 October 2003

Ellen Eccles Theatre was the Capitol Theatre of my youth. If you had a dime the Saturday “kids club” was the place to go, lots of cartoons and a feature, the news was there too to keep you posted about the world, and the Super Man serial kept you coming back. If you did not have a dime, some weeks you could bring a can of soup for charity to pay for your show. One time the Ripley’s van was out front, it had 4 perpetual motion machines on display, but none of them were going. Circa 1952

“A Farewell to Arms” was playing the night the South Cache High School Band gave a concert to raise money for our trip to the Calgary Stampede (winter of 1959-60). We were impressed that there was plenty of room under the stage for our large band to gather. Once on the Eccles stage, this theater is in your heart even if you are just one of the flutes in the band.
Elwynn Taylor

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