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Mike Rivest, Montréal,QC, 27 February 2010

This opened on May 10th, 1957. No grand opening was in the newspaper.

Tom McGowan, Magna, Utah, 7 June 2005

I have lived in Magna since 1998. I drive past this location almost every day on my way to and from work, and have always wondered if the buildings that stand on this property are the remains of an old drive-in theater.

I've been looking all over the internet for information about this particular theater, and have not been able to find anything about it, at least up until now anyway. It's a shame that very few people know about the Rance Drive-In. Thank you for getting the word out, and for posting the pictures.

I've wondered why nobody has ever thought of restoring the place. Or have they?

While on the subject of drive-in theaters, was it just my imagination, or did there used to be a drive-in theater in Tooele, Utah? (Not to be confused with the one in Erda, which is still operating). If I'm not mistaken, Tooele used to have one, which was located on the main highway, right next to a trailer park or RV dealership, I can't remember which. I believe there is either a Macey's or Walmart sitting on the lot where it used to be. If I remember correctly, the back of the screen faced the highway, and it was painted a pale blue/mint green color.
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