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Melody Eyres, Texas, but have lived in SLC for 10 years, 25 November 2001

Wonderful theatre - have seen many movies theres over the years and prefer to see movies at the Villa if I have a choice. So much better than all those cramped little multi-plex theaters. It will be a big loss for Salt Lake if this theatre is not preserved and kept open for the public. I hope that public awareness and benefits will be able to save it.

Indy, 19 February 2003

The first film I ever saw at the Villa was Steven Spielberg's "Raiders of the Lost Ark", back in 1981. It was THE defining moviegoing experience of my life. It was the moment that made me fall in love with movies, and has influenced my entire life since then. Over the next 22 years, I saw many other movies at the Villa. Some of my favorite memories are of the many Disney animated films, and of an all day marathon of the first six "Star Trek" movies. But first and foremost, I will always associate the Villa with Indiana Jones. Seeing an Indiana Jones movie at the Villa will always be my idea of the ultimate movie going experience.

While many of the newer theaters have better sound, projectors and seats (things which could certainly be installed and upgraded at the Villa - unfortunately, in my opnion, Carmike did not always treat the Villa with the respect it deserves), they do not have the atmosphere or memories. The Villa is well deserving of it's recognition as one of the 10 Best places in America to see a movie, and to tear it down would be heartbreaking. If the Villa is torn down, I for one will NEVER patronize a business that replaces it.

I attended one of the last screenins of "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" on the Villa's last day under Carmike, and it was obvious from the huge crowds that many people share my feelings about the theater. With a little care, the Villa could be restored to it's full glory, and I am convinced that it could be profitable. I certainly hope we haven't seen the end.

jamie kelly, salt lake city, 2 September 2002

I love the villa one of the only places I want to see a movie

Heinz Siede, Delmenhorst/Germany, 4 August 2002

Ich grüße alle deutsch sprechenden Film und Kinofans.Auch ich arbeite
in Deutschland in einem Kino.Wer mit mir in Kontakt treten möchte
(nur german text) kann sich an meine E-mail Adresse wenden.Ich würde mich sehr freuen.Auch viele Grüße an das Personal und an die Projektin des Villa Theatres.
Heinz Siede
Düsternortstr. 165
27755 Delmenhorst
Tel: 0494221802991

[Here is an English translation of this guestbook entry. It is edited from a couple different machine translations of the text:]

I greet all German-speaking film and cinema fans. I also work in a cinema in Germany. Anyone would like to contact me (only in German) can send to my E-mail address. I would be glad very much. Also many greetings to the staff and to the Project of the Villa Theatres.
Heinz Siede
Düsternortstr. 165
27755 Delmenhorst
Tel: 0494221802991

Roobah Fox, Tooele, 14 July 2002

When I go to a movie theatre to see a show, I always check first to see if something I want to see is playing at the Villa, 'cause if I have to pay real $$$ to see a show, I want to see it in a REAL theatre like the Villa. (Since I'm coming from Tooele, it doesn't really matter to me WHICH theatre I go to, so I ought to start with the best, right?) As a youngster, I saw "Jaws" and "The Shining" and "Brainstorm" there. (Funny I still remember what shows I've seen there, huh?) All 3 shows are must see movies on the biggest screen you can find. Recently I saw "Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars Episode II -- Attack of the Clones".

I wish the theatre would show some R-rated films. I think there would be more traffic. Maybe show an earlier PG or PG-13 film, then show a different show after 9 PM, maybe a second showing even later.

As a young child I lived very close to The Tower theatre. It holds much the same nostalgia for me as The Villa. I'm glad they found a very good use for The Tower theatre. Maybe the Villa can be used in a similar manner if it ever quits showing first run movies?

Word ought to get out that WHY ON EARTH would you go to a crappy theatre to see some new movie when the same show is showing at the Villa??? My gosh, why would you NOT go see the same show there? The screen and ambience is so much nicer at the Villa! Go there soon!


Dave Michelsen, Originally Salt Lake City but now residing in So. California, 2 June 2002

I've just spent a couple of hours looking at all the pictures and reading all the articles at this web site. Thanks to those who created and maintain it. The history is wonderfull!

I grew up in the neighborhood of the Villa and have MANY memories of the times spent in that great showhouse. I saw all the big pictures that played there including Around the World in 80 Days, South Pacific, Windjammer, This is Cinerama, The Seven Wonders of the World, Sleeping Beauty to name just a few. The Villa is a part of me and I will never forget its influance on my life.

Dave Michelsen
Yorba Linda, California 6-2-2002

Monte Fullmer, Nampa, Idaho, 4 May 2002

When I used to live in Idaho Falls, Idaho, the trips to SLC would always take me to the Villa-to see the movies on that 90 plus foot wide screen. I would read the SLC-Tribune and see what was playing at the Villa, for I always wanted to see the best pictures being played at the Villa, nowhere else. My first experience going to the Villa was in 1968 and seeing "2001: a Space Odyssey" in 70mm Cinerama. What a moviegoing experience that was! Never saw a motion picture that clear and bright on a BIG SCREEN like that! My love for the Villa enticed me to be a projectionist (and still am to this day), by showing movies for the movie going public. Yes, we now have our stadium seating theatres and the movie going experience is still there with the big curved screens, wonderful digital sound and all, but it's not the same as it was going to the Villa and experiencing the original quality and thrill of "going out to a movie." Yes, we need the Villa to remind us what "going to the movies" is all about. Thank You ..

Rico Rodriguez, Salt Lake City, Utah, 18 January 2002

I was the general manager of the Villa during the renovation of the Lobby and Concession Stand area (I believe around 1995-1996). It is absolutely the best place to see a movie, and the possible loss of the building is very saddening. We need more theatres like the Villa, not less. Why would you want to see a movie anywhere else?

Travis Eberhard, Salt Lake City, 25 January 2002

I don't have much to say, I just want to be one more voice in support of keeping the Villa Theatre open. I guess going to movies there is really the only way to keep it open. I will do that. Good Luck!

Grant Smith, West Valley City, Utah, 5 September 2002

The first movie I saw that the Villa was probably "Superman", but the one I remember more is "Raiders of the Lost Ark". The Villa has always been one of my favorite theaters. I like to sit in the front section and let that large screen wrap around me.

Bob Koch, Williams Ca, 1 February 2002

A friend in SLC, Mark Gulbrandsen, whom I have corresponded with, put me on to this site and it sure brought back memories. I was assigned by RCA Photophone as a theatre service engineer in early 1950. The Villa was omly a few months old at the time and it was beautiful beyond description. I was from the bay area in Ca and this surpassed anything I`d seen. First contour or "waterfall" stage curtain Id seen also. I certainly hope your efforts with it succeed. I certainly enjoyed the historical pictures of the Capitol, the Utah, the Centre, the Rialto and Gem theatres all of which were on my service run.

Karl McKenzie, slc, 28 October 2002

I am new to this area and drove by the villa for the first time today. I came to this site to get showtime information and got a wonderful history lesson. While this weekend will be my first trip to the villa it will not be my last.
If you want to save the villa--go see a movie there now; don't dwell in the past.

Stephanie, Salt Lake City, Utah, 13 December 2002

This theater was the place I saw Toy Story for the first time, that was quite a while ago, it was my first visit to the Villa. I loved the theater, but I haven't had a chance to visit again, until now. I am in the group of people who have rented out your theater for a midnight showing of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, next Wednesday. I can't wait to visit the Villa again what a perfect place to see this movie! I am already hoping that we can do this again when Return of the King comes out in Dec. 2003.
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