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Manny, Newyork/brooklyn, 6 February 2006

Me and my parthners;Adrian and Mohamed are working on a project for drama and our project involved to pretend to by a movie theatre for

Ronald, 19 January 2006

Amazing site. nice colors! good job.

awan, usa, 23 January 2006

your site is excellent

Grant Smith, Salt Lake City, 5 September 2005

The renovation on the Villa Theatre is nearing completion and much has changed. I think we owe a lot of thanks to Hamid Adib for preserving this building when it would have been much less expensive for him to simply demolish it and build a new one. Some things have been lost and some have been improved. At least the Villa will stand for many years to come and it could sometime return to use as a theater. That more than we can say for the Centre Theatre.

Lisa Guerrero, Lisa Guerrero, 20 September 2005

I have many great memories about the Villa Theater, but mostly it's old-time-charm. Do we really need another high-tech boring movie theater? The Villa has charm , easy accesibility and lots of room! We love it!

Richard Rock, Olympia, WA, USA, 11 September 2005

I used to go to the Villa as a kid growing up in the Holladay area of SLC. I have many fond memories of seeing such films as "Superman" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark." The Villa was *the* venue for moviegoers in the area. She will be sadly missed.

I discovered your site after going to a movie up in Seattle where their Cinerama theatre is very similar to the Villa & I thought I'd check it out and see if there was anything on the 'net about the Villa. Your site came right up & it provided a wonderful trip down memory lane for me! Well done!

Klowd, 1 September 2005

I'll be there with you. This isn't the Villa anymore. It's just a shell of a legend.
"The theme of it will completely stay as the old Villa theater," Adib said. "We are going to keep a museum-like atmosphere, so people can come in and revive their old memories."
Right. It looks nothing like what the Villa did before. They painted over the wonderful murals! That's having it 'completely stay as the old Villa'?!

Chris, 1 September 2005

It is heartbreaking to see what is happening to The Villa now. I will be holding a memorial service shortly.

Chuck, 28 August 2005

Great photos. It really does look charming.

Eva Brown, London, UK, 7 August 2005

I was surfing on the Internet and came across your site. It is really excellent! A lot of interesting info and pictures. Thanks!

Brent Figgins, Syracuse, Utah, 23 May 2005

Just found this site. I worked at the Villa from the late 1950s to 1960. I met my wife there and we are still together, five children and 23 grandchildren later. Glad to see the Villa is going to survive even if not as a theater.

Robert C. Weisgerber, LA, CA, 25 January 2005

Hi, what a wonderful story about a great cinema heritage. It will never be seen again! Movies are now nothing more than a "kill time medium." regards, RCW

Danny, Norway, 6 January 2005

Searching for pictures of the movie "Ice Station Zebra" I found the images of the old tickets on your site, and the story behind them.
This kind of finding make you think back and wonder....
Who owned them, are they still around...
Makes me all filosofic....hehe

Johan Fors, Johan Fors Leksand Sweden, 30 December 2004

In 1910 my fathers uncle Carl Simon Fors emigrated to Salt Lake City and became a contractor. When I searched the net today I found this fantastic website.It sure makes me proud that one of my relatives has built this beautiful building and I'm so glad that you take care of its history. This building must be saved!
I do not have contact with any greatgrandchildren of Carl S
Fors so if any of you can get me in touch I'd be so glad.
Good Luck to you all.
Johan Fors

Danny haszard, Bangor Maine, 13 October 2004

Your in my spotlight shine on.Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

Jason Driver, Hampshire, England, 1 August 2004

I commend all of you involved in saving this piece of true American Heritage. Good luck to you, its all too easy to allow large corporations to flatten anything remotly individual and beautiful. In years to come people will thank you for saving this wonderful building.

Dave, Dallas Texas, 15 July 2004

I grew up a short distance from the Villa theater - we used to ride our bikes there on Saturdays during the summer to watch the matinee of the week. I think we paid 50 cents for each ticket - what a great time that was! This site brings back some great memories - tell the rug guy to turn it back into a theater.

john childers, 30 June 2004

i work at a theater i am a manager and your place i fantasic and it is nice to

Jon Dewey and family, 28 May 2004

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is all too easy to demolish and rebuild, but to save and restore takes effort and dedication. Congratulations on your achievement and best of luck to you. We will see you in the revamped Villa.

Paula Clark, Port Theatre, Port St. Joe, Florida, 26 May 2004

Great to see the old photos. You are blessed to have them. I have been trying to find interior photos of our theatre building for ten years with NO luck! We have heard many stories, and verbal descriptions, but no photos.
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