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Craig Robinson, Riverton Utah, 23 April 2004

I love that theater. Open it up.

Paul Sanchez, P & G Theatres, 21 April 2004

I hope it can be saved. What a beauty!

MariaSanches, nicewebsite, 18 April 2004


Donald Archer, Santa Cruz CA, 17 April 2004

I'm originally from W Va, and my sister-in-law was born in Salt Lake City. When I was 18 my parents and I passed through S L and saw a revival of Cinerama Holiday. I hit this site just now and said, "Oh yes, The Villa." That was in 1964 if I recall correctly. It was decorated in anticipation of a revival of West Side Story. I have been to Cineramas in New York, Columbus Ohio, Pittburgh, 2 in Hollywood:The Warner and The Dome, San Diego, and Tokyo, Japan. Over the years, I saw 2001 eight times in Cinerama. It was tomorrow's entertainment yesterday. I hope you can keep the Villa.

Steve Kathan, Sacramento, 16 April 2004

The Villa is truely a modern palice where showmanship could very much be kept alive. Look at the huge curved screen and ceiling to floor title curtain, absolutly beutiful. With modern day digital sound and a properly lit screen, this theatre could put on a show that could blow your socks off. It appears that there are miles of neon running throughout the building, no better way to make people feel that they are about to be treated to something very special. Please don't let the Villa follow so many of the other elegant palaces to an early demise. Perhaps it will take more that just movies to keep her alive. Maybe a combination of movies and live events could keep her afloat, if theres a way it must be found.
Steve Kathan

Lucy Truitt, 2 April 2004

The Villa Theatre is such a beautiful theatre with a wonderful large screen and good seating. We need to join together and succeed in reviving it before it is too late.

Jennifer Curley, 28 March 2004

We need more theaters in this area-- especilly those that are willing to produce better stuff than the same ol'-same ol'.

Susan, Salt Lake City, 5 March 2004

There are so many wonderful things that should be happening in this beautiful theater. I remain hopeful that someone will see my vision, and save the Villa, not only for it's historical value and big screen charm... but for many wonderful cultural events.

Stephanie Lundeen, Chicago, 24 February 2004

Two years ago, I moved to Chicago after growing up with the Villa in Utah. I have made a point of seeing a film there every time I have returned on vacation. I saw both of the first "Lord of the Rings" movies there--imagine my dismay when I couldn't see the third! I loved the Villa. For years, as I would commute to school up Highland Drive, I would always look for it. It is one of the few true landmarks that still exist in Salt Lake. My favorite memories include the sell-out crowds on Thanksgivings and at Christmastime for Disney movies such as "Toy Story." My earliest memory of the Villa is seeing "Annie" there in 1981. I even loved going there when the auditorium was mostly empty, as when I saw "Fantasia 2000" at a matinee. I even loved the old-fashioned grand bathrooms and the telephone booth, both down the stairs. I really can't believe that that spot could ever be anything else than the Villa, and it makes me incredibly sad.

Jim Thompson, Salt Lake City, 24 February 2004

Save our Villa!!!

Natalie N., Provo, Utah, 20 February 2004

The Villa has always been a favorite in our family--we have gone there for all the big premiere movies in the past. Hopefully it can be saved.

Mary Thompson, 18 February 2004

One of the last great older theatres around.

Jeff Thompson, Alameda, CA, 11 February 2004

I grew up in Salt Lake and have seen many a movie at the Villa including, most recently, the first "Lord of the Rings" and the first "Harry Potter" films. The Villa really has a fantastic screen and had stadium seating long before that became standard. The auditorium is huge and, amazingly, even if you are on the sides thare does not seem to be a bad seat in the place. I was very chagrined to hear about the closing and I think it's imperative to save it from demolition. It's one of only a few old movie palaces that has survived in Salt Lake and it would be a real loss. I now live in northern California where old movie houses are more appreciated and there is quite a lot of public support for their restoration. It would be neat to see the Villa restored and used to exhibit classic movies, something akin to the Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto.

John Hornell, Peery's Egyptian Theater in Ogden, 3 February 2004

Please do not raze this theater for the preservation of our cultural history and to send a message to everyone of the importance to preserve and maintain our quality of life which emanates from the arts.

Brian Johns, Santa Monica, CA, 1 February 2004

Saw Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom there as a kid - great venue!

Claudia Farrer, Salt Lake City, Utah, 28 January 2004

I would like to see the Villa Theatre restored as an historic building. It has a long history in the Salt Lake City area. I have seen many movies there as a child. We used to have our children's Christmas Parties there when I was working for the Zions Bank. It has many valuable memories.

Suzy Q., 25 January 2004

The Villa theatre was THE place to see a movie. I always looked to see if the movie I wanted to see was playing there first, especially after the other large classic theatres were gone. When I was young, the mall theatres were becoming the rage. I never liked going to movies there. They were so tiny and did not give the same experience as theatres like the Villa.

My father's company used to have their family Christmas parties at the Villa. That was a lot of fun!

I am shocked to hear that The Villa is closed. I now live in Texas but I visit Utah as often as I can. This theatre should be kept in place. There are so few around anymore. I hope that this theatre will be saved. I was horrified to read that Harmon's bought the Villa to keep Walmart out. Thank you Harmon's! I can't imagine The Villa being bulldozed for an ugly Walmart building. What a waste that would be.

Someone, anyone, please find a way to keep the Villa. Someday I will return to Utah to live, and I want to see movies at The Villa.

Bill Fisher, Seattle, 16 January 2004

Former Salt Laker here who came back for Thanksgiving...SHOCKED to see the Villa Theatre closed. Also shocked to see the Trolley Corners as a second/third run theatre. These were and are the best show houses in Salt Lake. What happened? I ended up at that odd mall/theatre monstrosity at Jordon Commons and saw MASTER AND COMMANDER on a giant IMAX screen--a big mistake. It looked like a DVD playing on a TV screen in letterbox. It needed to be seen at a great theatre with a giant/proper curved screen, specifically the VILLA or CORNERS auditoriums. So many wierd things are happening in SLC. It's pathetic. Still don't get the Mall near the Train Station that seems to have been devised solely to kill the downtown core. Sheesh!

Brady Hales, Midway, Utah, 3 January 2004

I grew up in the Millcreek area just east of the Villa Theater. It was a Landmark then as it is even today. It would be a shame to see it destroyed. I have many memories of going to the movies there as a child and as an adult with children. Now my adult children ask why they are destroying such a big part of Utah history? and I don't have an answer for them. The Salt Lake community should do all that is possible to save the theater and restore it to it's original condition and glory.

Ron Basinger, sandy,utah, 30 December 2003

Thuis is a famous sl landmark.we have always enjoyed going there to movies for over 30 years. Please keep this famous landmark open.
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