The Bountiful Drive-In, shown on this 1975 geological               survey map, was located on the southwest corner of 500 West 2600               South.
Image courtesy of the US Geological Survey, 1 July 1975
Bountiful Motor View Theatre

2699 South Main Street
Bountiful, Utah

The Bountiful Motor View Theatre was owned by J. N. Bills and had a capacity of 650 cars.  The screen of the theater was on the west side of the drive-in and had exposed iron I-beam girders on its backside.  In front of the screen was a sandbox where children could play.  Sound was provided by heavy cast iron speakers which hung in the cars' windows.  The drive-in rented portable heaters for use when it was cold.  The fence arround the property was made of corrugated tin.  Next to the drive-in, behind the screen, was a car dealership.  On the other side of the drive-in was a church.  After the theater was demolished, a strip mall was built on the site.1 

The Bountiful Drive-In opened before 1950 and closed after 1977.  The address for the theater was 6525 South US Highway 91 until 1968, when it changed to 2699 South Main Street.

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