This aerial photo from 1997 shows the subdivision that replaced the Oak Hills Drive-In.  The edge of Hogle Zoo appears in the upper left corner of the photo. - , Utah
12 September 1997
Oak Hills Drive-In

2775 East 1000 South
Salt Lake City, Utah

(1951 - 1965)

The Oak Hills Drive-In opened in 1951 and was located at 2775 East 1000 South, just southeast of the Hogle Zoo.

Residents living just south of the Oak Hills Drive-In could have free movies with sound by paying the $50 installation fee for a monaural speaker connection.[1]

About 1965 the Oak Hills Drive-In was demolished and replaced by a new housing subdivision. Fox Intermountain Theatres, which operated the theater, replaced it by building the Olympus Drive-In at 5600 South and 900 East.[2]

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