Advertisement for 'Summertree' at the Seagull Theatre. - , Utah
15 October 1971
Seagull Theater

1458 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

(1971 - 1972)

Richard Kim Folsom, a student director at the University of Utah, and Joe Hall opened the Seagull Theatre on 22 September 1971 with The Romancers, the play on which The Fantasticks is based.  Folsom and fire inspectors rejected 50 buildings before finding a suitable choice at 1458 South Main Street.  The theater had a seating capacity of 200 and a museum featuring antique items from Utah's and the nation's theatrical past.[1][2]

The Seagull Theatre was forced to close after the last performance of The Girl Who Went to San Fransisco on 19 March 1972.  During its first and only season, the Seagull produced 10 plays ranging from romantic comedy to serious drama.  Folsom said actors and others involved would reorganize as a nonprofit repertory theater.[3][4]

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