Holiday Village 3

1776 Park Avenue
Park City, Utah

(? - 2001)

The old Holiday Village Cinema closed on 22 July 2001 and was demolished to make way for the Holiday Village 4, a new four-screen multiplex with stadium seating. The theater is being rebuilt as part of a renovation of the Holiday Village Shopping Center. The closure of the old theater left Park City without a working movie theater until the new one was completed.

"Newsday film critic John Anderson once dubbed the cramped, stuffy shoeboxes 'the Sciatica triplex.' The undersized theater gained notoriety at the 1999 festival with two incidents: a near-riot of ticketholders at an oversold screening of "American Pimp," and the fall of a ventilation conduit just before a screening of 'American Movie' that injured three moviegoers."[1]

1. "Movie Theater Closes for Conversion to Multiplex", Salt Lake Tribune, 19 July 2001