"Kigalia" on the north side of the sign, still outlined with some neon. - , Utah
Grant Smith, 9 June 2011
Kigalia Drive-In

299 East 200 North
Blanding, Utah 84511

(1955 - 1964)

Floyd Nielson and Sons opened the Kigalia Drive-In, just north of the Blanding city limits, on 18 June 1955.  Three years later they opened the Frontier Theatre at the entrance of the drive-in along 200 North.  The Kigalia Drive-In closed in 1964.[1]

Satellite images show that by 1997 a baseball park had been built over most of the drive in.[2]  The theater's sign was still standing at the northwest corner of 200 North and Grayson Parkway in 2011.[3]

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