Newspaper ad for the Photo Player Theater. - , Utah
4 April 1926
Photo Play Theatre
(Liberty Theatre)

207 South State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah

(Before 1927 - After 1929)

The Photo Play Theatre opened sometime before April 1926. It was unique in the 1920s because its newspaper advertisements included the theater's address, 207 South State Street.[1] This was mostly likely to distinguish it from the former Photoplay Theatre on Main Street.

Thales M. Derrick, an auctioneer, took over management of the theater by September 1928. The theater had been renamed the Liberty and boasted “New Management, Newly Decorated, Good Music”.[1]

The Liberty Theatre appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune classified ads in November 1928: “Moving Picture Theater: Newly decorated; going fine; at 207 So. State St. Will sell very reasonable for cash, or trade for home. Must sell, account other business taking all my time. This is a real money-maker and will pay you to see it.”[2][3]

The theater was scheduled for an auction “as a going business” on 29 April 1929, due to the “owner's poor health.” In the advertisement, auctioneer Col. E. C., Jenkins asked, “ Have you a little money? Do you want a good paying business? If so, see me...”[4]

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