The front of the former Star Theatre building. - , Utah
Grant Smith, 24 June 2005
Star Theatre
(Eugene Theater)

16 North Main Street
Hurricane, Utah

(Before 1927 - After 1958)

The Star Theatre was owned by Eugene and Leah Wadsworth, who would sometimes let moviegoers earn the 35-cent admission by hauling rock of their fields.  Since there was no television until 1958, "everyone went to every change of shows".[1]

At the groundbreaking of the Coral Cliff's Cinema in May 2004, Mayor Tom Hirschi said, "I think back to the old Eugene Star Theater. Many years ago as a youngster, I remember we used to ask Gene, ‘Is there a good movie?’ and he’d say, ‘Best damn show in town.’"[2]

The Star Theater opened before 1927[3] and showed movies until after 1958. [4]

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