Dreamland Dance Hall
(Ephraim Social Hall)

81 South Main Street
Ephraim, Utah

When the Dreamland Dance Hall opened in 1911 it was said to be "the finest dance hall in the state outside of Salt Lake City."1  The dance hall, also known as the Ephraim Social Hall, was also housed an orchestra.

The first floor of the brick building originally housed a general store.  The dance hall, on the second floor, had a 22-foot high ceiling and a dance floor made of maple hardwood.

The Dreamland Dance Hall was renovated in 1987 and is now used for weekend dances, parties, receptions, reunions, and other events.

1. "Chapter 14: From Homesteading to High Technology", A History of Sanpete County, by Albert C. T. Antrei and Allen D. Roberts, Utah State History CD-ROM