Dreamland Dance Hall
(Ephraim Social Hall)

81 South Main Street
Ephraim, Utah

(1911 - ?)

When the Dreamland Dance Hall opened in 1911 it was said to be "the finest dance hall in the state outside of Salt Lake City." [1]  The dance hall, also known as the Ephraim Social Hall, was also housed an orchestra.

The first floor of the brick building originally housed a general store.  The dance hall, on the second floor, had a 22-foot high ceiling and a dance floor made of maple hardwood.

The Dreamland Dance Hall was renovated in 1987 and is now used for weekend dances, parties, receptions, reunions, and other events.

1. "Chapter 14: From Homesteading to High Technology", A History of Sanpete County, by Albert C. T. Antrei and Allen D. Roberts, Utah State History CD-ROM