Aerial view of the Cache Drive-In Theatre in 1993. - , Utah
14 August 1993
Cache Drive-In Theatre

1303 North Main Street
Logan, Utah 84341

(1950 - After 1977)

The Cache Drive-In opened on 30 May 1950.[1]  

The Cache Drive-In was the second outdoor theater in Logan, coming three years after the Logan Drive-In.  The Cache Drive-In boasted a capacity of 508 cars and brighter projection.  After the debut of Cinemascope, the Cache Drive-In added wings to its metal screen tower to accomodate the wider aspect ratio, while the 300-car Logan Drive-In had a concrete screen tower that could not be so easily updated.  Competition between the two drive-ins reduced the admission price for a carload to as low as a dime.[2]

The 1962 International Motion Picture Almanac listed the owner of the Cache as Harris-Voeller Theatres.[1]

Advertisements in 1973 named the theater as "H. C.'s Cache Drive In."[3]  Harold Charles Heninger, known as H. C., died on 3 June 2006.  His obituary described him as "a self-made businessman in dry cleaning, pawn shops, bail bonding, movie theaters and recreational real estate development, to name a just few."[4]

The Cache Drive-In was last owned by Westates Theatres and closed after 1975.[1]

The theater was demolished sometime between 1997 and 2003.  Sam's Club now occupies the site.[5]

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