The front of the Towne Cinemas. - , Utah
Grant Smith, 18 October 2003
Maven Cinemas
(Coral Theatre, Towne Cinema)

120 West Main Street
American Fork, Utah 84003
801 756-3181
(1953 - 2019)

John Miller built the Towne Cinema in American Fork after moving there from Heber, where he started his first theater in the mid 1920s.  In the 1940s, he also purchased the Alhambra in Pleasant Grove and a theater in Lehi.[1]

The theater was known as the Coral Theatre from about 1955[2] to 1980.[3]

On 5 September 2003, Johnny Biscuit opened a performing arts venue called, "The Biscuit Theatre," at the Towne Cinema. A stage and theatrical lighting were added to theater 1 to accommodate the weekend program, which includes not only Johnny Biscuit's hypnosis shows and stand-up, but other forms of live entertainment, such as a monthly talent show.[4] The Towne Cinema continues to show movies in both theaters during the rest of the week.

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