Main Theatre

70 East Main Street
Vernal, Utah

(1939 - 1959)

Thos Karren and Francis Feltch opened the Main Theatre on Sunday, 19 November 1939, following a Saturday open house “for the public to inspect the new building and its equipment.”  The California white stucco building cost $35,000 and was trimmed with silver white at the top and black carrara at the approach to the foyer.  Indirect neon lighting illuminated the deeply carpeted foyer.  The 404-seat auditorium had “a crash streamlined finish and colors blending from buff to dark brown.”  The seats had green Mohair upholstery and were divided into three sections by carpeted aisles.  “The floor has a maximum pitch to provide the best possible vision of the screen.”  Equipment included an RCA sound system, two Kaplan projectors, and a 12 x 16 highly reflective screen.  “Multi cellular loud speakers have been installed which insure uniform sound distribution to all seats in the building.”[1]

The Main Theater was located at 70 East Main Street, across the street from the Vogue Theater.[2]

By June 1957, Alson and Deward Shiner operated every movie theater in Vernal, including the Main Theatre.[3]

The Main Theatre closed about 1959.[4]  In February 1962, owner Francis Feltch planned to completely remodel the Main Theatre for use as a Gamble's chain store.   Changes included creating a new front for the building.  The new business was to be operated by K. D. Patitz of Bassett, Nebraska, who planned to move his family to Vernal in about 30 days.[5]

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