Entrance of the Westates Water Gardens Cinema 6. - , Utah
Grant Smith, 18 October 2003
Water Garden Theatres
Water Gardens Cinema 6

912 West Garden Drive
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062
801 785-3700

The Water Gardens Cinema 6 opened 21 November 1997 at the Water Gardens development in Pleasant Grove. Opening movies at the theater were Anastasia, Rain Maker, Mortal Kombat, The Jackal, and Starship Troopers.

Created by Jerry Smith as an alternative to driving to Salt Lake City or Orem/Provo for entertainment, the Water Gardens development is based on a water theme and features "an abundance of pools, fountains, and walking paths."[1] Flame Broiler Steak House, the first of five major restaurants at the development, will open in May 1997.

The décor of the Water Gardens Cinema 6 was designed to match the theme of the Water Gardens development, including "carpets that resemble running water and walls dappled in blue and green."[1]

Originally the Water Gardens Cinema was to have eight auditoriums, but the owners decided to combine two theaters to make a larger 300-seat theater. The 18,000-square-foot multiplex has a total seating capacity of 1,100. Listing devices are available for the hearing impaired and the auditoriums have special seating areas for wheel chair patrons.

The Water Garden Cinema 6 is one of few theaters in Utah equipped with an eight-channel digital sound system, which uses five speakers behind the screen instead of two. Two theaters at the Cinema 6 are equipped with the eight-track Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS) sound system. Two of the other theaters are equipped with six-channel SDDS, and the other two with DTS Digital sound systems.

The Water Gardens Cinema 6 will be sensitive to the community standards and will show some selected "R" rated movies.

The theater is owned by Summit Entertainment Group, with Tony Rudman, Jeff Roylance and Mark Morris as co-owners. The general contractor for construction of the multiplex was Union Pointe.

On 1 July 1999, the Water Gardens Miniature Golf Course opened on the northeast end of the Water Gardens development. The two-acre miniature golf course cost $1.5 million and features a "desert to jungle theme with lots of water in between"[2]

In 2002 Westates Theatres planned to add two new auditoriums to the Water Gardens Cinema 6.[3]

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