The Famous Films Theatre opened in the Laughing Gypsy mall on 14 April 1977, with Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy in 'San Francisco.'  The theater had 'convenient backdoor parking.' - , Utah
14 April 1977
Famous Films Theatre
(Glen Brothers Piano Company, Chickering Hall, Laughing Gypsy Comedy Theatre)

2546 Washington Avenue
Ogden, Utah 84401

George Glen and Jay S. Glen opened a piano business in 1907, sharing floorspace at a plumbing shop.  They displayed their stock “in a practical fashion, opposite the bathtub and other necessities of the well-appointed household.”  About 1911, they moved into a new store, “erected especially for them,” on Hudson Avenue (now Kiesel Avenue.)  The Glen Brothers Piano Company incorporated in April 1912, with a capital stock of $100,000.[1][2][3]

By November 1923, the Glen Brothers opened a new three-story “exceedingly artistic” store at 2546 Washington Avenue.  The exterior “suggests a Greek temple, in its snowy whiteness and beautiful simplicity of design.”  A marquee extended over the entrance, “similar to that of a theatre.”  A thirty-foot show window featured a turntable for displaying phonographs and pianos.  A warehouse and “commodious” shop occupied the ground floor, with company offices at the back of the mezzanine.  The property had a depth of 330 feet.[2]

The top floor contained piano showrooms and a “beautiful” concert hall.   The performance space was named Chickering Hall, in honor of the centennial of the famous Chickering piano,[3] but was also referred to as Glen Brothers-Roberts recital hall.[2]

“Acoustically it has been pronounced absolutely perfect, and several recitals have already been given there with complete success.  Seating over two hundred people comfortably, this new concert hall should fill a long felt want in Ogden, as it is an ideal place for concerts and lectures designed for an audience of modest size.”[3]

Supper Theater

The vacant Glen Brothers Music Company building reopened in April 1975, after major remodeling, as a shopping mall named the Washington Fair.  The largest of the twelve shops was first-floor, 50-seat Laughing Gypsy Cafe, owned by Robert Macek.  The former recital stage on the third floor was to open by early May 1975 as supper theater, with an “early coffee house atmosphere” and family entertainment including old movies and plays.  The mall was managed by Washington Fair Inc., with Richard L. Chaney as president and Richard M. Kinler as vice president.[4]

By August 1975,[5] Robert Macek opened a dinner theater on the third floor, named “The Laughing Gypsy.”  The theater presented live entertainment and plays, with a staff of 11 employees.[6]  By January 1976, the entire shopping complex was referred to by the name “Laughing Gypsy” and appeared to be under the management of Macek.[7]  On 14 April 1977, the Famous Films Theatre opened at the Laughing Gypsy, showing classic movies.  The theater continued to present occasional plays with dinner services, through at least the end of 1997.[5]

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