Advertisement for "Too Much Married" at the Revier Theatre on Twenty-fifth Street. - , Utah
18 September 1911
Revier Theatre

25th Street
Ogden, Utah 84401

(Before 1911 - After 1912)

The Revier Theatre was located on Twenty-fifth Street and opened sometime before September 1911.[1]

The Revier opened with a “full new company” in December 1911.   The management of the theater “spared no expense in securing a first-class company for the engagements,” promising “the neatest, coziest and most refined place of amusement in the city.”   Slocum & Mac, with “a bunch of pretty girls,” produced all new songs and dances for the opening bill, A Judge for a Day.[2]

By March 1912, the Revier was operating under new management.   An advertisement in April 1912 listed the managers as La Wayne and Fitzgerald, with the theater playing “high-class vaudeville and pictures.”  Showgoers were advised to not miss the grand opening bill.[1]

W. D. Phillips was arrested in Salt Lake City in July 1912 after George Ahlf of the Revier Theatre charged him with fraudulently obtaining money through the sale of “certain picture show apparatus.”[3]

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