The entrance of the Carriage Square Trolley was on the left and the auditoriums were on the right. - , Utah
Grant Smith, 16 March 2002
Carriage Square Trolley
(Carriage Square Cinemas)

1785 West 4120 South
Taylorsville, Utah

(1979 - 1988)

The Carriage Square Trolley theater was located at 1785 West 4120 South and had two screens.  The theater was built by Trolley Theaters, but later managed by Plitt and Cineplex Odeon.  Cineplex Odeon closed the theater in January 1988 because the theater couldn't compete showing first-run movies.  They reopened the theater in July 1988 as a dollar theater and renamed it Carriage Square Cinemas.  The theater was later closed and converted into a gym.