The front of the Logan Art Cinemas. - , Utah
Grant Smith, 7 May 2011
Logan Art Cinema
(Redwood Theatre, Reel Time Theatre, Logan Arthouse and Cinema)

785 North Main Street
Logan, Utah 84321

(? - 2009)

In January 2003 Westates Theatres changed the name of the Reel Time Theatre to "Logan Art Cinema" and devoted the theaters solely to independent and art films.  For several years the Logan area had been without a source of alternative, arthouse cinema.  The Alternative Cinema club, a volunteer effort run by university students, collapsed about 1996.  After that Marty Spicer revived independent film showings for a time at the Main Theater in Smithfield.[1]

In February 2004 Westates Theatres installed a new digital sound system and an updated projector at the Logan Art Cinema in preparation for the movie "The Passion of the Christ."  The art theater was specifically chosen to host independent film and was overstaffed in anticipation of large crowds.[2]

"The Passion" set records at the 235-seat Logan Art Cinema during its opening weekend, selling out one showing on Wednesday, two on Friday, three on Saturday, and two on Sunday.  The three shows Saturday set a one-day income record for the theater of $5,000.  "This never happens here. Busy for us is like 25 people . . ." said Shelly Burton, manager of the theater.  "Usually, you come to see a show and get your own private screening."[3]

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