Opening week ad for the Pastime Theatre at 2408 Washington Avenue. - , Utah
9 March 1904
Pastime Theatre
(Joie Theatre)

2408 Washington Avenue
Ogden, Utah 84401

(1904 - 1911)

The three performances on the opening of the Pastime Theater on 8 March 1904 were well-attended, despite a heavy down-pour of rain.   Manager Chase E. Hill placed the Pastime on “the best western circuit,” promising “modern, refined vaudeville” and “talent that will please the most critical and will make this theater a place patronized by the best class of theatre goers.”[1][2]

The Ogden Standard Examiner reported that the performances were “good” and compared “favorably with those in vaudeville theaters of large cities.  Bob Kenyon does well in his illustrated songs.   Davis and Davis can certainly shake their feet, but their dialog work needs improving.   O. W. Courtney, juggler and Morris Jones, black faced monologue artist, are deserving of special mention, their work being excellent. Bessie and Arthur Krona do a good vaudeville stunt.”[2]

The Pastime, although “hastily constructed” and “rushed to completion quickly,” was not “slighted in any particular from the stage door to the box office.”   The theater was “designed according to fire regulations, and every known attribute for the safety and convenience of the public has been embraced in its construction.  The building has been pronounced by experts to be the safest, most convenient and modern in the inter-mountain region.”   The balcony provided “a splendid view” and management expected to make it “a desirable location for ladies and gentlemen.”   Built with “special attention to strength,” the balcony was “guaranteed to safely sustain all the weight that can be placed upon it.”   Construction workers included Fred Howard, carpenter work and designing; T. C. Morris, painting; Stanley Stevens, electrical; and Mr. Taylor, paper hanging.[1]

In October 1904, the management installed “a steam-heating system which makes this popular playhouse as cosy and comfortable as any, and the public need not fear that it will run chances of being frozen while being entertained.”[3]

P. M. Poulsen, proprietor of the Pastime, closed the theater “for the present theatrical season” on 6 November 1904, stating that the building was too small, “as it has at times proven entirely inadequate to seat the people who have crowded to get in.”  Poulsen hoped to find a “larger, suitable building” to fix up as a “first class theater.”[4]

“Under the direction of Manager Wilkin, the popular little playhouse has met the exacting demands of the amusement public by putting on good bills.   The courteous treatment extended at all times by the management to the patrons of the theater has been greatly appreciated and the closing of the doors for a time will cause regret among the amusement public.”[4]

The Ogden Poultry Association opened a poultry show in the old Pastime Theater building on 4 January 1905.   The “most creditable” exhibition attracted “considerable comment.”   Attendance was “not so large” on the first day as on those that followed.[5]

Western Union leased the old Pastime Theater building in June 1905 and workers began “getting matters in shape for a corps of expert office carpenters and electricians” who would arrive the next day.[6]

The Joie Theatre closed its doors following its final performance on 3 December 1911.   Theater properties were removed the next day in preparation to remodel the space for a wholesale liquor firm.  The Joie was located at 2410 Washington Avenue, in the same building as the Western Union Telegraph Company.   H. E. Skinner opened the Joie several years earlier as one of the first motion picture houses in Ogden.   About 1910 the theater became part of the Alhambra Theater Company, with H. E. Skinner acting as manager.  The building was owned by the Sidney Stevens estate.[7][8]

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