A rocky peak rises behind the Wendover Cinemas. - , Utah
Grant Smith, 5 July 2014
Wendover Cinemas

375 North Aria Boulevard
Wendover, Utah 84083
(435) 665-2628

The Wendover Cinemas is an independent three-screen movie theater and video rental store. The theater is located north of I-80, right next to the Utah-Nevada state line.

Wendover, Utah was established in 1907 as a watering stop on the Western Pacific Railroad. It may have been named after a railroad surveyor, Charles Wendover.[1]  Across the state line is West Wendover, Nevada, which enjoys a large tax revenue from legalized gambling. Residents in both cities have voted to annex Wendover into Nevada, but any change in state boundaries would have to be approved by the United States Congress.[2]

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