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Main Street Tower's future remains a mystery 2 years after historic theater was demolished KSL News 19 April 2024 Link
Downtown Rising: Updated looks at the skyline-changing developments in Salt Lake City Building Salt Lake 25 March 2024 Link
The Aftermath of Hasty Destruction of Pantages Theater on Downtown Salt Lake Main Street Utah Stories 23 June 2023 Link
A year after demolishing the Utah Theater, Hines is set to miss first development deadline Building Salt Lake 9 March 2023 Link
After hurrying to tear down the Utah Theater, developers get another year to finish designs for its replacement Salt Lake Tribune 27 May 2022 Link
See photos from the Utah Theater's past glory days and its ongoing demolition Salt Lake Tribune 6 May 2022 Link
Show over: Demolition begins after judge rejects order over century-old Salt Lake theater KSL News 19 April 2022 Link
Preliminary demolition starts on Salt Lake City's Pantages Theater Fox 13 News 19 April 2022 Link
Final scene: Salt Lake City's Utah Theater meets the wrecking ball Salt Lake Tribune 19 April 2022 Link
Pantages Utah Theater demolition - In pictures Building Salt Lake 19 April 2022 Link
Court deals blow to group hoping to save Pantages Theater KJZZ 19 April 2022 Link
Demolition of Utah Theater set to start Tuesday as judge rejects a final-hour effort to save it Salt Lake Tribune 18 April 2022 Link
Historic Salt Lake theater to be demolished for apartments ABC 4 News 18 April 2022 Link
Salt Lake City dropped from lawsuit involving century-old theater — sort of KSL News 13 April 2022 Link
Is it curtains for the Utah Theater? Judge denies move to block demolition Salt Lake Tribune 9 March 2022 Link
Facing stalking order, group sues Salt Lake City again over century-old theater KSL News 26 February 2022 Link
In plot twist, preservationists sue Salt Lake City to save the Utah Theater Salt Lake Tribune 26 February 2022 Link
Developer files stalking order against activist ahead of Utah Pantages Theater demolition KSL News 4 February 2022 Link
Salt Lake City relinquishes century-old Utah Pantages Theater; building slated to be torn down KSL News 15 November 2021 Link
It's done. Salt Lake City closes its sale of the Utah Theater, makes way for new skyscraper Salt Lake Tribune 12 November 2021 Link
Utah Theater will be redeveloped into high rise apartments, affordable housing ABC 4 News 12 November 2021 Link
Will this Hail Mary save the Utah Theater? Salt Lake Tribune 6 November 2021 Link
Salt Lake City is getting a ton of high-rise buildings Utah Business 10 September 2021 Link
Bringhurst: Salt Lake City is Bulldozing Invaluable History Daily Utah Chronicle 9 September 2021 Link
The Utah Pantages Theater is on its way to gaining national landmark status. Will it matter before the city sells it to developers? Building Salt Lake 9 September 2021 Link
The battle for the Utah Theater will burn this week. How did we get here? Illinois News 31 July 2021 Link
Planning Commission happy with design of residential tower to replace Utah Theater Building Salt Lake 16 July 2021 Link
Movie buff livestreams arrest during SLC theater break-in Fox 13 News 15 July 2021 Link
A closing act of defiance leads to arrest as protester seeks to save Utah Theater from demolition Salt Lake Tribune 15 July 2021 Link
The fight over the redevelopment of the Utah Theatre will likely flare up this week. How did we get here? Building Salt Lake 12 July 2021 Link
Advocates (still) hope to save historic Salt Lake City theater as luxury apartment deal looms KCPW News 17 June 2021 Link
Community members urge city leaders to talk about the future of Pantages theater ABC 4 News 12 June 2021 Link
Man ends hunger strike, but not fight to save old Salt Lake theater 11 June 2021 Link
Movie buff unchains himself from Utah Theater, but vows to keep fighting to save it Salt Lake Tribune 10 June 2021 Link
Movie buff chains himself to Utah Theater in last-ditch bid to save it from demolition Salt Lake Tribune 8 June 2021 Link
Saying 'No' to Big Real Estate to Save the Utah People's Pantages Theatre Slug Magazine 28 May 2021 Link
Look what's coming to downtown Salt Lake City: another skyscraper. Here are the high points. Salt Lake Tribune 6 May 2021 Link
Group seeking to preserve historic Salt Lake theaters sues city after ballot initiatives denied KSL News 4 May 2021 Link
Historic landmark or new skyscraper? Group wants Salt Lake City voters to decide whether historic Utah Theater should be spared from the wrecking ball. Building Salt Lake 16 April 2021 Link
From the Wings: A Counterplan to Restore the Utah Pantages Theater Enters Left Salt Lake Magazine 16 April 2021 Link
Is It Too Late to Stop Demolotion of Historic Utah Theater? Salt Lake Magazine 9 April 2021 Link
IN FOCUS Discussion: The future of Utah's Pantages Theater ABC 4 News 30 March 2021 Link
With plans for a new downtown park, city moves closer to giving derelict Utah Theater to developers for demolition Salt Lake Tribune 27 March 2021 Link
Man offers to buy historic 'Utah Theater' from Salt Lake City Fox 13 News 22 March 2021 Link
Digital archive will save memories of the doomed Utah Theater, but preservationists would rather save the playhouse itself Salt Lake Tribune 11 February 2021 Link
Local firm offers look inside historic Utah Theater before planned demolition KSL News 10 February 2021 Link
As Utah grows, how much history do we save? Fox 13 News 24 January 2021 Link
It's high time for Salt Lake City. Here's how the skyline will rise in 2021 Salt Lake Tribune 17 January 2021 Link
Developers share details on the building that will replace the historic Utah Theater and alter Salt Lake City's skyline Building Salt Lake 12 January 2021 Link
Utah Theater to be replaced with skyscraper Fox 13 News 9 December 2019 Link