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Boys and Girls club coming Emery County Progress 20 October 2009 Title Only
Huntington City asks, 'What do we do with the Huntington flour mill?' Emery County Progress 28 April 2009 Full Text
Star Theatre & Fun Center Sun Advocate 30 September 2003 27 Link
Huntington Bid Winner Announced Emery County Progress 1 July 2003 Summary
Star Theatre - New Business of the Year Emery County Progress 29 April 2003 Summary
Bringing Down the House Emery County Progress 22 April 2003 Summary
The Star Theatre Shines Again in Huntington Sun Advocate 9 July 2002 43 Link
Star Theatre Renovated Sun Advocate 27 June 2002 B3 Link
The New Owners of the Movie Theatre in Huntington Are Well on Their Way to Creating a Shining Star Emery County Progress 25 June 2002 Summary
Court Date Set For Abandoned Buildings in Huntington Emery County Progress 5 March 2002 Summary