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Cinemark COVID-19 Updates (Theater) 17 March 2020 Full Text
Cinemark to Temporarily Close U.S. Theatres (Theater) 17 March 2020 Full Text
Shows being 'beamed' to theaters Deseret News 8 July 2007 Title Only
The Force draws devoted fans to theater lines Ogden Standard Examiner 18 May 2005 Title Only
Cinedome shuts its doors in Riverdale Deseret News 13 February 2001 B7 Summary
$1 movies in Ogden are truly just a buck Deseret News 17 November 1998 A11 Summary
Multiplex destiny Salt Lake Tribune 19 July 1998 D1 Title Only
UTAH's Largest MOVIE Theatre Tinseltown USA to Open March 27 Cinemark USA 29 March 1998 Title Only
14-screen theater to open in Ogden Deseret News 2 March 1998 D7 Summary
New Newgate Mall theaters won't open until February Deseret News 14 December 1997 M4 Title Only
'Movie-screen madness' is now playing in Weber, north Davis Deseret News 23 April 1997 B1 Summary