'Movie-screen madness' is now playing in Weber, north Davis

By Lynn Arave, Staff Writer
Deseret News, 23 April 1997, page B1

Article Summary:

Thirty-six new movie screens are planned to open in Weber and north Davis counties in 1997, almost doubling the total number of screens between Kaysville and Ogden.  In the summer of 1976, Weber and north Davis counties had just 18 total movie screens, including seven drive-in theater screens.  The increase to 66 screens in 1997 represents a 273 percent increase in the past 21 years.

Tinseltown USA, Layton

Cinemark will open Movies Seven on 30 May 1997, on the site of the former six-plex. The Mall's parent company is a partner in the new seven-screen complex. Linda Kelley, manager of Layton Hills Mall, said it's hard to say if the 26 total screens near the mall will be too many. She's hoping the regional draw of the mall, plus “Restaurant Row” will help everyone do well.

Tinseltown USA, Ogden

In December 1997, Cinemark will open a new 14-screen cinema at Newgate Mall, on the site of the former Movies Four. The new theater will be the largest movie complex in Utah.

Carmike City Square Four

Scott Miller, a manager for the City Square Four Theaters, believes the area will have too many theaters once the new screens open. “It'll have some impact,'” Miller said. “I think there's going to be too much competition.”

Kaysville Theatre

Bill Call, owner of the Kaysville Theater, doesn't think the new theaters will hurt his business much, but the competition may create a price war for concessions and weekday ticket sales. Call believes his discount theater is busier during the weekdays than Layton's chain theaters, but on weekends the first-run theaters really pack them in and at top dollar, too.

Reel Movie Theatre

A new six-screen Reel Movie Theatre will open on 18 April 1997.

Layton Hills Cinema

A nine-screen Cineplex-Odeon movie complex could be completed by December 1997.