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Brewvies Cinema Pub: Drinking and Watching Movies is Just Pure Fun Daily Utah Chronicle 26 November 2023 Link
Brewvies Reopens Salt Lake City Weekly 30 June 2021 Link
Lights, camera, action, beer: Brewvies Cinema Pub reopening after 16 months ABC 4 News 23 June 2021 Link
Utah movie theaters make plans for a 'bounce back' summer Salt Lake Tribune 17 June 2021 Link
Brewvies to close theaters, bars 'out of an abundance of caution' KJZZ 19 November 2020 Link
Hollywood is ready for theaters to reopen. Are Utah moviegoers? Salt Lake Tribune 21 August 2020 Link
Temporary Closure Announcement (Theater) 16 March 2020 Title Only
Brewvies Commitment to Our Patrons (Theater) 13 March 2020 Title Only
Beer is in, ‘Zion Ceiling’ is out for Salt Lake City’s 2019 run of ‘Book of Mormon’ musical Salt Lake Tribune 14 August 2019 Link
Letter: DABC killed Lamb's Grill, but couldn't kill Brewvies Salt Lake Tribune 7 October 2018 Link
Tribune editorial: Stop with the constitutional longshots, Utah legislators Salt Lake Tribune 1 October 2018 Link
Utah must pay nearly $500000 in legal fees in Brewvies' 'Deadpool' case Salt Lake Tribune 27 September 2018 Link
Judge gives thousands to Brewvies, slams Utah legislature over ‘Deadpool’ lawsuit Fox 13 News 26 September 2018 Link
Brewvies showing Deadpool 2 is 'our homecoming parade' after lawsuit ABC 4 News 18 May 2018 Title Only
How 'Deadpool' became an unlikely First Amendment hero in Brewvies battle against Utah's liquor cops Salt Lake Tribune 17 May 2018 Link
Bill advances to fix Utah law in 'Deadpool' lawsuit Deseret News 1 March 2018 Link
Bill aims to prevent another Brewvies lawsuit by removing unconstitutional wording from Utah law Salt Lake Tribune 28 February 2018 Link
The Utah State Legislature will abide by 'Deadpool' ruling on liquor laws Fox 13 News 27 February 2018 Link
Brewvies killed a law that banned nude art and alcohol, and Utah won’t try to bring it back Salt Lake Tribune 16 November 2017 Link
Utah won’t appeal judge’s ruling on ‘Deadpool’ and liquor Fox 13 News 15 November 2017 Link
Brewvies seeks half a million dollars from Utah after ‘Deadpool’ citation Salt Lake Tribune 17 October 2017 Link
Brewvies thanks SLC for support with free film series, including 'Deadpool' KUTV News 3 September 2017 Link
While Utah decides whether to appeal, Brewvies celebrates First Amendment victory Salt Lake Tribune 2 September 2017 Link
Brewvies wins judgment against Utah in First Amendment case involving ‘Deadpool,’ sex and alcohol Salt Lake Tribune 1 September 2017 Link
Judge sides with Brewvies over ‘Deadpool,’ says Utah liquor law violates First Amendment Fox 13 News 1 September 2017 Link
Utah asks judge to toss lawsuit against alcohol, sexual content and ‘Deadpool’ Fox 13 News 3 May 2017 Link
Utah asks judge to toss lawsuit against alcohol, sexual content and ‘Deadpool’ Fox 13 News 3 May 2017 Link
In lawsuit over ‘Deadpool,’ theater says Utah law over sex and alcohol misapplied Fox 13 News 22 April 2017 Link
State of Utah asks federal judge to dismiss 'Deadpool' lawsuit KUTV News 18 March 2017 Link
Former Salt Lake City mayor files new legal papers in Brewvies 'Deadpool' fight KUTV News 4 March 2017 Link
Judge asked to strike down law that got Utah movie theater in trouble for showing ‘Deadpool’ Fox 13 News 4 March 2017 Link
Utah Attorney General's Office, Brewvies battle over who's an expert on 'Deadpool' Fox 13 News 31 January 2017 Link
Experts debate sex and alcohol in Utah 'Deadpool' case Salt Lake Tribune 5 November 2016 Link
Judge sets trial date in Brewvies lawsuit over 'Deadpool' and Utah liquor law Fox 13 News 3 June 2016 Link
Brewvies seeks restraining order against state liquor regulators Salt Lake Tribune 21 May 2016 Link
Utah responds to ‘Deadpool’ lawsuit claiming authority to protect ‘health, welfare and morals’ Fox 13 News 21 May 2016 Link
Utah defends busting theater for serving booze at 'Deadpool' KSL News 19 May 2016 Link
Brewvies Reshows Deadpool Without A Fine ABC 4 News 6 May 2016 Title Only
Brewvies and DABC reach tentative truce as lawsuit continues Salt Lake Tribune 3 May 2016 Link
DABC won’t enforce law against Brewvies over ‘Deadpool’ Fox 13 News 3 May 2016 Link
Brewvies asks for restraining order against Utah over showing ‘Deadpool’ Fox 13 News 30 April 2016 Link
Utah Attorney General's Office Releases Statement on Brewvies Lawsuit ABC 4 News 29 April 2016 Title Only
It’s time to fix Utah’s laughable liquor laws Spectrum 27 April 2016 Link
Democratic A.G. candidate says Reyes could have prevented Brewvies lawsuit Deseret News 26 April 2016 Link
‘Deadpool’ star Ryan Reynolds shows support for Brewvies Fox 13 News 25 April 2016 Link
Ryan Reynolds donates $5,000 to Brewvies’ ‘Deadpool’ defense Salt Lake Tribune 24 April 2016 Link
Brewvies sues Utah alcohol department over threat to pull liquor license Deseret News 19 April 2016 Link
Brewvies cited for serving alcohol while showing ‘Deadpool,’ set to sue Utah A.G. and DABC Salt Lake Tribune 18 April 2016 Link
Utah movie theater’s liquor license threatened for showing ‘Deadpool’ Fox 13 News 18 April 2016 Link
Brewvies cancels Kickstarter, still plans to go digital Salt Lake Tribune 11 December 2013 Link