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Villa Isn't Perfect, But It's Trying Deseret News 20 February 1997 C1 Full Text
Obituary: Alvin Edling Fors Salt Lake Tribune 9 January 1997 D10 Title Only
Commercial Club Building To Get Face Lift Deseret News 2 September 1996 B4 Link
Looming Large: Simantov Rug Gallery Moves to Bigger Digs in the Felt Building Deseret News 16 June 1996 Title Only
Villa Ready for Comeback as a New Movie Star Deseret News 31 May 1996 D9 Full Text
Downtown Improvement Awards Given Deseret News 29 July 1993 D7 Link
Debate Looms Over Future of Old Sugar House Post Office Deseret News 28 September 1992 B1 Title Only
At the Movies; What Plays in Utah Salt Lake Tribune 16 August 1992 E1 Title Only
Founder of the Villa And Many Other Theaters Dies at 84 Salt Lake Tribune 19 October 1990 B7 Title Only
Scarcity of 70MM-Capable Theaters Denies Local Fans a 'Broad Perspective' Deseret News 8 July 1990 E12 Link
On New Theaters, Indiana Jones and Skyrocketing Prices Deseret News 4 June 1989 E10 Summary
Great Comic Book Hero Becomes Motion Picture Hit Salt Lake Tribune 16 December 1978 B11 Full Text
Two world premieres for 'Brigham' Deseret News 1 October 1977 4W Full Text
Mall Theater Expansion Planned Salt Lake Tribune 31 October 1976 2K Full Text
Excitement Reigns In 'Airport 1975' Salt Lake Tribune 18 October 1974 14C Full Text
Airport '75 to Villa Deseret News 6 July 1974 W5 Full Text
Mediocre 'Darling Lili' Sorely Test Julie, Rock Salt Lake Tribune 25 July 1970 A13 Full Text
Julie Andrews Will Open in 'Darling Lili' Salt Lake Tribune 24 June 1970 C9 Full Text
Kiwanis to Host Benefit With Premiere of 'Lili' Salt Lake Tribune 18 June 1970 14A Full Text
'Krakatoa' Explodes in S.L. Premiere Salt Lake Tribune 7 August 1969 8D Full Text
Cold War Film Intrigues Opening Night Audience Salt Lake Tribune 14 November 1968 B11 Full Text
'Space Odyssey' Proves Breathtaking Salt Lake Tribune 13 June 1968 B5 Full Text
Benefit Premieres Will Open Showing of 'Space Odyssey' Salt Lake Tribune 11 June 1968 A7 Full Text
2 Groups Sponsor Benefit Movie at Villa Salt Lake Tribune 9 June 1968 8D Full Text
Benefit 'Millie' Permiere Salt Lake Tribune 13 August 1967 W21 Full Text
Handicapped Enjoy Special Film Show Salt Lake Tribune 19 July 1967 B1 Full Text
Tribune, Villa Fete 1,000 Handicapped Salt Lake Tribune 18 July 1967 17 Full Text
Shut-in Groups To See Movie Salt Lake Tribune 15 July 1967 24 Full Text
Drivers Defy Death in Prix Movie Salt Lake Tribune 2 February 1967 A7 Full Text
Grand Prix Spectacle Premieres Tonight at Villa Salt Lake Tribune 1 February 1967 A9 Full Text
800 Shut-Ins Take Cinerama Junket Salt Lake Tribune 14 October 1966 2B Full Text
Area Shut-ins to See Cinerama Today Salt Lake Tribune 13 October 1966 24B Full Text
Cinerama 'Battle of the Bulge' a Dramatic Spectacle Salt Lake Tribune 3 March 1966 A21 Full Text
District Chief Begins S.L. Theater Job Salt Lake Tribune 28 January 1966 7 Full Text
800 Shut-Ins, Handicapped Repeat Cinerama 'Sellout' Salt Lake Tribune 2 October 1965 25 Full Text
800 Shut-Ins Arrive For Cinema Treat Salt Lake Tribune 1 October 1965 E1 Full Text
Utah Shut-ins To View Bible Movie Salt Lake Tribune 20 September 1965 12 Full Text
'Greatest Story' to Help Retarded Children Salt Lake Tribune 28 March 1965 B15 Full Text
Cinerama Enhances Thrills in 'Circus World' Salt Lake Tribune 28 October 1964 A11 Full Text
Fun-Filled 'Mad World' Opens After Heart Fund Premiere Deseret News 20 February 1964 A11 Full Text
'Mad World' Features New Cinerama Process Deseret News 19 February 1964 B3 Full Text
'Mad (4 Times) World' Premiere To Benefit Utah Heart Work Deseret News 17 February 1964 2B Full Text
'South Sea' Ends; 'Irma' Nears Windup Deseret News 15 February 1964 A9 Full Text
Delightful Charm Marks South Sea Cinerama Deseret News 10 January 1964 A9 Full Text
Villa's Cinerama Film Has Adventure Deseret News 9 January 1964 B5 Full Text
New Cinerama Uses One Projection Machine Deseret News 7 June 1963 A14 Link
'How The West Was Won' Exciting, Entertaining Movie Deseret News 12 April 1963 6C Full Text
'How West Was Won' Premiere Sold Out Deseret News 11 April 1963 2D Full Text
Indians to Color Benefit Premiere Salt Lake Tribune 10 April 1963 11 Full Text
Premiere to Aid 2 Agencies Salt Lake Tribune 30 March 1963 10 Full Text