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Whatever happened to ... Plaza Theatre in Kearns? (Link)
26 July 2017, Salt Lake Tribune
Cinemas must fix teen worker hours (Link)
11 May 2004, Salt Lake Tribune
New Kearns movie theater caters to Hispanics (Link)
18 July 2002, Deseret News, page B4
Movie house merry-go-round (Summary)
20 April 2001, Deseret News, page W01
Theater to open with 2 sides (Full Text)
22 August 1977, Deseret News, page C7
New Mall's First Phase: Theater (Link)
04 July 1964, Deseret News
Kearns Theater Opening Today (Full Text)
02 July 1964, Salt Lake Tribune, page A17
Kearns To Have First Theater (Full Text)
10 January 1964, Deseret News, page 8A