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Cinemark COVID-19 Updates (Theater) 17 March 2020 Full Text
Cinemark to Temporarily Close U.S. Theatres (Theater) 17 March 2020 Full Text
Can Loud Movies Damage Your Hearing? KUTV News 26 January 2017 Title Only
Art houses broaden our film horizons Deseret News 4 April 2008 Title Only
Cinemark USA theater chain to purchase Century Theatres Salt Lake Tribune 9 August 2006 Title Only
Utah Theater Snub Can't Bridle 'Brokeback Mountain' Box Office Mojo 9 January 2006 Link
Fans Line Up for Look at Latest Harry Potter Movie KSL News 18 November 2005 Link
Ads at theaters - there's no escaping them Deseret News 18 March 2005 Title Only
Theater wars: Moviegoing options downtown reduced by 3 Deseret News 23 June 2000 Summary
Crowds flock to Century 16 - most toting cans of food Deseret News 2 October 1998 D5 Summary
Multiplex destiny Salt Lake Tribune 19 July 1998 D1 Title Only