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Ballad of the Cinedome 70 6 August 2017 Link
Whatever happened to ... Riverdale's Cinedome theater? Salt Lake Tribune 15 July 2016 Link
Larry H. Miller group opens new showroom Ogden Standard Examiner 15 November 2011 Title Only
Tearing down a movie memory in Riverdale Salt Lake Tribune 26 October 2010 Link
Landmark domed cinemas torn down in northern Utah Victoria Advocate 19 October 2010 Link
The Cinedome comes down Ogden Standard Examiner 18 October 2010 Title Only
Riverdale's Cinedome theater demolished Deseret News 18 October 2010 Link
Riverdale Cinedome demolition begins KSL News 18 October 2010 Link
Riverdale’s domed cinemas crash into history Salt Lake Tribune 18 October 2010 Link
Riverdale landmark theater, Cinedome demolished Fox 13 News 18 October 2010 Title Only
Double-domed theater demolished in Riverdale ABC 4 News 18 October 2010 Title Only
Cinedome demolished to make way for car dealership Ogden Standard Examiner 18 October 2010 Title Only
Hope still exists for what remains of Cinedome Ogden Standard Examiner 6 October 2010 Title Only
Cinedome curtain goes up one last time Ogden Standard Examiner 4 October 2010 Title Only
'Bringing down the house' at the Cinedome Ogden Standard Examiner 17 August 2010 Title Only
Riverdale gives up road for Miller group Ogden Standard Examiner 12 August 2010 Title Only
Residents, Miller reps discuss Cinedome property's future Ogden Standard Examiner 28 July 2010 Title Only
Landmark theater has Facebook fans, but faces costly demolition Mesothelioma News 16 July 2010 Title Only
Asbestos-laden Cinedome 70 Faces an Uncertain Future Mesothelioma News 5 July 2010 Title Only
No interest in Cinedome 10 years ago Ogden Standard Examiner 7 June 2010 Title Only
Locals speak out to save old movie theater Fox 13 News 5 June 2010 Title Only
Car sale at Cinedome was pure chaos Ogden Standard Examiner 3 June 2010 Title Only
Riverdale landmark, long empty, is sparking memories of the big screens. Salt Lake Tribune 28 May 2010 Title Only
Most in Riverdale like the progress Ogden Standard Examiner 27 May 2010 Title Only
Cinedome could be a music or art venue Ogden Standard Examiner 26 May 2010 Title Only
Cinedome offers Riverdale a sense of history Ogden Standard Examiner 25 May 2010 Title Only
Campaign to save Riverdale's Cinedome 70 movie theater gains fans Deseret News 24 May 2010 Title Only
Cinedome is nothing more than an eyesore Ogden Standard Examiner 18 May 2010 Title Only
Landmark Cinedome needs to be saved Ogden Standard Examiner 18 May 2010 Title Only
Group: 'Save Cinedome 70' Ogden Standard Examiner 16 May 2010 Summary
Don't pave over history Deseret News 12 May 2010 Link
Empty Cinedome 70 ponders an 'offer' it can't refuse Ogden Standard Examiner 6 May 2010 Summary
Riverdale already a sea of car dealerships Ogden Standard Examiner 5 May 2010 Title Only
Miller Group announces plans for new dealership building Ogden Standard Examiner 23 March 2010 Title Only
Ritter Drive to Stay One Way Eastbound Ogden Standard Examiner 5 March 2010 Summary
Riverdale hotel zoning OK'd Ogden Standard Examiner 8 May 2007 Title Only
Fans out in force for Star Wars Spectrum 19 May 2005 Title Only
Dancing at the Cinedome? Ogden Standard Examiner 8 June 2001 Summary
Cinedome shuts its doors in Riverdale Deseret News 13 February 2001 B7 Summary
Cinedome Goes Dark, A Generation Mourns Ogden Standard Examiner 12 February 2001 Summary
In Answer to Those Endless 'Jedi' Calls... Deseret News 19 May 1983 Link
Independents Beings Squeezed Out Ogden Standard Examiner 18 June 1982 Title Only
Anniversary Noted Sun Chronicle 10 October 1974 4 Link
Letter to the Editor Sun Chronicle 1 March 1973 2 Link
Drive-In Withdraws X-Rated Movie Salt Lake Tribune 2 April 1972 A20 Link
James LeRoy Tullis Sun Advocate 8 July 1971 1-2 Link
See It Now... Cinedome 70, Ogden's New Futuristic All-Electric Movie Theater Cinedome 70 17 May 1970 14D Full Text