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Theater that ran old films holds grand memories Deseret News 10 February 2006 Summary
Let's hope the Tower hangs on Deseret News 2 July 1999 W1 Title Only
On New Theaters, Indiana Jones and Skyrocketing Prices Deseret News 4 June 1989 E10 Summary
S.L. Does Offer Alternatives: Art, Foreign and Offbeat Films Deseret News 2 October 1988 E7 Summary
Blue Mouse Recovers Seized Film, But City Confiscates It Again Deseret News 7 May 1988 A5 Title Only
Blue Mouse Manager Says Seizure Unfair Deseret News 3 May 1988 B1 Title Only
Bogart Film to Open Theater Deseret News 17 October 1972 A9 Full Text